Barcelona vegetarian restaurants in the historic center

Vegetalia, a pioneer in the production and distribution of ecological products in Catalonia, decided in 2007 to open in the historic center of Barcelona, ​​his first vegetarian restaurant bearing his own name.


In collaboration with Pablo Brunengo and Yotam Kantor, both professionals and extensive experience in it, it is committed to finding the best balance between knowledge, experience and innovative spirit of them and the wide range and high quality of products Vegetalia.


From the beginning the challenge was to merge all their knowledge with the best products Vegetalia creating a vegetarian, homemade and natural cuisine, Transforming new and traditional recipes.


Success took while to arrive, in 2012 the restaurant was named by local media as one of the best vegetarian in town.


In the same year the company decided to plant their first organic garden, in order to supply their own restaurants, achieving a healthier, fresh and balanced with earth cuisine.


In 2014, following an uninterrupted growth, Vegetalia, this time in partnership with Yotam Kantor and Pablo Brunengo and decides to open his second restaurant Vegetalia, continuing his first challenge and keeping the company philosophy: healthy eating, homemade and natural This in commitment to people and the environment.


In May 2015, we opened its third restaurant on the square of Fossar de les Moreres, one of the most beautiful and emblematic places of Barcelona. We invite you to know!


To learn more about the company please visit Vegetalia