Vegetarian food in the heart of the city

At Mas Montserrat, in the village of Castellcir, in an exceptional site of the Moianès area is our organic garden.


Following the philosophy of Vegetalia, whose main pillars are sustainability and respect for the land,the project was launched in 2012 "to orchard to dish" and as the name suggests, it is close to the maximum possible cycle self sustainable supply.


The work in the organic garden is compatible with environmental protection, natural resources, genetic diversity and landscape conservation. 
The seeds are chosen and the soil is fertilized by protecting crops from pests using organic methods, to ensure Organic vegetables of excellent quality.


The variety and quality rather than productivity always prioritized. The seeds were selected, seeking the best varieties and the best time for planting and harvesting, considering that out of respect for the earth and for climatic reasons, in some periods of the year the influx of vegetables from the garden reduces or null .


In short, the quality of vegetables from our organic garden is very high and is reflected in each and every one of our preparations.


We invite you to try our vegetables and get a real taste of tomatoes, fresh lettuce and the incomparable aroma of herbs.